"The Paris Manhattan Trio "Interplay" A most consistently engaging debut trio album of originals by pianist Poladian with powerful support from Duval & Lupo. The lovely jazz standard "Ruby, My Dear" is artfully arranged & performed with warmth & vigor. Altogether, the music is undeniably vital. If you like dark, writhing chromatically swinging jazz, then buy this one; it's absolutely unique.  -- Jack Reilly 

  [All selections composed by Patrick Poladian & published by Poladian Music Publishing (BMI) except: "Cuba New York" (composed by Poladian/Duval/Lupo) and "Ruby, My Dear" (composed by Thelonius Sphere Monk)]  

 "Comfort Me Blue"  (Akira Tana-drums, Sean Smith-bass; Patrick Poladian, piano) Poladian is a French-born musician with an American heritage, and he plays with dynamic authority in a very percussive manner. His internationally seasoned team of Smith on bass and Tana on drums continually adds fuel to the fire Poladian produces. The program is almost exclusively a showcase for Poladian's compositions, with the standard "Stardust" being the only non-original. The music dovetails between forward moving power songs and those that veer slightly off the straight course. They slow the pace at several intervals with tender ballad-styles and then reestablish the speed limit with the galloping songs. Neither Tana nor Smith is along just for the ride. They build a solid platform from which Poladian launches his missiles. The blues filters itself into some cuts and the standard "Stardust" is done with a twist, but mainly the program is an improvised romp built around the structure of the song form. Poladian goes the solo route on four selections, including the three "Sketch" tunes. Each "Sketch," although short, contributes in altering the direction considerably. They are more open, unstructured musings with a liberated attitude. The program promotes the talent and musical concepts of Poladian very effectively. It is a well done piano trio recording. -- Frank Rubolino  

  "Comfort Me Blue" multiple candles glow softly, or the Sunday Times sits waiting to be read by the armchair the type of music you want to hear when the table is set for one, placed by the window that lets in the dim light of a gray day -- Lyn Horton "Brings a new positive energy to today's jazz scene -- a group to check out." -- Harvie Swartz 

  "Homeless" by Patrick Poladian opens to a laid back piano with soft rhythms that set the mood for this track. The title clues one in to the helplessness of the homeless and the music just takes you to that very spot and gives one the image of what Patrick is projecting. Patrick's skill at creating a vision with his keys is masterful! - Wildflower Project